Working Paper Series

  • Pradiptyo R, R Rokhim, G.A. Sahadewo, M Ulpah, B Sasmitasiwi, IAA Faradynawati,  (2011) A Bridge Too Far: The Strive to Establish a Financial Service Regulatory Authority (OJK) in Indonesia, SSRN working paper series.
  • Pradiptyo R, B Sasmitasiwi dan G.A. Sahadewo, (2011) Evidence of Homo Economicus? Findings from Experiment on Evolutionary Prisoners' Dilemma Game, SSRN working paper series.
  • Shidiqi KA, and R Pradiptyo (2011) A Game Theoretical Analysis of Economic Sanction, SSRN working paper series.
  • Pradiptyo R, (2009)A Certain Uncertainty; an Assessment of Court Decisions for Tackling Corruptions in Indonesia 2001‐2008, SSRN working paper series.

Journal and Book Chapter

  • Pradiptyo, R (2010) Corruptions; Theoretical and Empirical Analyses in Economics, in Wijayanto dan Zachrie, R, eds, (2010) Corruptions Corrupted Indonesia; The Causes, The Impacts and the Prospect of Erradication, PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Jakarta.
  • Pradiptyo R (2007) Does Punishment Matter? A Refinement of the Inspection Game, Review of Law and Economics, Vol. 3 : Iss. 2, Article 2.
  • Bowles R and Pradiptyo, R. (2006), Economic Evaluation of Norfolk Art-Based Interventions, report to Norfolk Youth Offending Team, Norfolk Youth Offending Team, Norwich.
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  • Pradiptyo, R. (1996). The Impact Analysis of Trade and Industrial Policies to the Structure and Performance of Industrial Sector in Indonesia 1980-1994, Gadjah Mada Business Review , No. 11(IV), Gadjah Mada Business School, Indonesia.

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