Rimawan’s hobbies include: reading, watching documentary film, listening music, traveling and cooking. He is a professional cook. Although he does not have any qualification in cooking, he has extensive experience in culinary business. He has helped his mother in running his family’s catering business since 1985 (he was 15 year old then). Together with his mum, he achieved a record of serving dishes for 2350 guests. It is a customary in Indonesia to have many guests during a wedding ceremony. Just for information, in a simple wedding, a family may send 250 invitations or at least they invite 500 guests!!! Literally, he had been his mother’s assistant in cooking until he pursued his postgraduate study in the UK.

It turns out that this very skill helped him to survive in the UK during his hardship periods. He had worked as a part time cook assistant at Derwent College Cafe, University of York, UK from Oct 1998 - Sept 1999 & May 2000 - Sept 2000. Occasionally, he cooked Indonesian cuisines for fund raising activities organised by reputable charities such as Save the Children and Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. Furthermore, his chef in Derwent College challenged him to cook for 100 guests in a leaving do for a senior staff in the college, and he delivered it successfully. During his stay in the UK, Rimawan has managed to create several new recipes and developed simpler and quicker ways of cooking Indonesian cuisines, which originally were quite tedious and time consuming. These recipes are available on request and are suitable for cooking Indonesian cuisines abroad, such as in Europe, whereby some typical ingredients for Indonesian cuisines may not necessarily available.

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